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Dermonu Facial Regeneration Cream in Pakistan

  • Rs 1599
  • Rs 2000
  • Product Size : 50g
  • Imported From : USA
  • Item From : Dermonu Cream
  • Availability: In Stock

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Buy Online Original Dermonu Cream In Pakistan Price 1599-PKR

Dermonu Facial Regeneration Cream in Pakistan has 100% effective results within days. DERMONU Acne & Scar Removal Facial Gel is an Imported product. It is beneficial for mild to moderate. Acne Removal Cream Pakistan Dermonu Acne Removal Pigmentation Scar & Acne Removal Cream in Pakistan From Mexico. Dermonu Facial Regeneration Cream in Pakistan Facial Regeneration Cream is a treatment cream that visibly fades away fades acne scarring and other skin imperfections such as blackheads.

APPLICATION OF Dermonu Facial Regeneration Cream in Pakistan

Apply a thin layer over a clean and dry face before going to bed. Apply over the areas with acne scars. Let the product work during the night and rinse the next morning. EVIDENT RESULTS: Starting on the 6th week. Results are accumulated with continuous use. It is recommended to use for a minimum of 12 weeks.

Advantages of Dermonu Facial Regeneration Cream

Dermonu Acne Removal Cream also works
acne scars and acne
remove signs
skin discoloration
remove mole
pigment disorder
Non-aggressive micro-exfoliation
Deep cleansing for your skin
Restore damaged skin

How does Dermonu Facial Regeneration Cream in Pakistan Work?

Dermonu Facial Regeneration Cream in Pakistan live components includes rosebush oil (Rosa Mosqueta oil). Its polyunsaturated fatty acids have been clinically tested to regenerate and repair damaged skin cells. To use Dermonu Facial Regeneration Cream in Pakistan, wash your face with clean water. Dry and after 10 minutes observe a thin layer of dermonocyte gel on the affected area, e.g. Pimples, blackheads, pigment spots, moles, etc. Gently massage with your fingertips so that the Dermonu cream penetrates the pores and skin.

How to Use Dermonu Cream?

To use Dermonu Acne Removal Cream, wash your face with fresh water.
Dry it and after10 minutes apply a thin layer of Dermonu Acne Gel on the affected area e.g.
Acne, Blackheads, Pigmentation, birthmarks, etc.
Massage lightly with a fingertip so that Dermonu Cream absorbs in the skin. And wait for 1 to hour minimum.
After that, you can wash your face. While if you apply it at night then you can wash your face in the morning.


For external use
Stop using if burning or rash appears
Do not apply over irritated or damaged skin
Avoid eye contact. If this occurs, rinse thoroughly.

Haniya Dec-31-2023

Product works overtime. I have been using this product on and off for 2 months now...once day after shower..it has visibly lightened neck area. Scent is mild not much bothering. Also not oily. Like other people review my skin did not peel but just reduced darkness.

ali Dec-31-2023

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