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Melano Tx Tranexamic Acid Cream In Pakistan

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Melano-TX Tranexamic Acid Cream consists of 10% Tranexamic Acid, 2% Kojic Acid, 1.5% Arbutin, 1% Vitamin E, 1% Mulberry Extract & 1% Magnesium.

?? Treats Melasma

?? Helps brighten the skin

?? Anti-ageing

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Melano Tx Tranexamic Acid Cream In Pakistan

Melano-TX Tranexamic Acid Cream is a prescription medicine with a combination of 6 powerful extracts to treat melasma, pigmentation or hyperpigmentation. It helps in lightening & brightening the skin. It prevents premature ageing and reduces wrinkles. Melano’s primary use is to treat Melasma, which is a skin condition where brown or blue-grey patches appear on the skin, which happens due to overproduction of the cells that make the colour of your skin.
This product is a combination of six active ingredients:
Tranexamic Acid

Kojic Acid

Melano-TX Cream is an anti-fibrinolytic, it protects the skin from UV radiation and reduces pigmentation. This is Tranexamic Acid for skin! Kojic Acid is also an anti-pigmentation medicine. It works by suppressing the formation of melanin, a pigment that gives color to the skin. Arbutin is a natural skin lightening and whitening agent that reduces the production of melanin (skin pigment). Magnesium and Vitamin E provides essential nutrients. Mulberry extract is an antioxidant. It prevents premature ageing and reduces wrinkles. This is how Melano-TX Cream treats melasma.


Clean the affected area and dry and apply the cream. Apply Melano-TX twice a day (morning and evening.)

How long do I need to use Melano-TX before I see results?

You should see results in 2-3 weeks of using Melano-TX Topical Tranexamic Acid Cream

Is Melano TX Cream safe to use?

Yes. Melano-TX is widely safe to use, however you should consult your doctor before use to ensure the product is right for you and your condition.

What Is Tranexamic Acid?

Tranexamic acid is an antifibrinolytic agent and is commonly used for heavy menstrual bleeding.

Asma khan May-10-2024

It gives you a chance to show off your problem-solving skills and attention.

Rehman May-10-2024

Very Good Results Its Providing results in just one week that awesome for me thnks